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    sorry, I mean not the overhead dimensions but the shaping of the curve of the slate into the pocket
    Up the TSF!


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      Ah, so the ‘start of slate drop’ to the actual ‘fall’, the slight chamfered/rounded edge? I think I read on GL’s website blog the pro tables have an almost square edge, whereas club tables have a larger round to encourage the ball to drop into the pocket.


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        Just caught up with your thread Steve, sorry to see you've had a few issues. I remember having a snooker building construction on the website similar to yours with the vapor barrier on the inside but take a look just in case it helps.

        20 years ago I built wooden studwork in side a single brick garage. From outside it went brickwork, air gap, 4x2 with rockwool, plastic solid non breathable membrane, plasterboard.

        I barely ever hear it and never had any damp
        There us a constant air flow around what is essentially a wooden box.

        My Dad always hammered home structures need to breath so I went over the top.

        if you look at the blog building on the website he also has plastic on the inside, what looks luke a breathable membrane on rhe outside and a gap on the outside boarding half way up for air flow.

        There seems to be many types of timber framed wall construction, some with plastic under the plasterboard and some not but there are many examples on Google images to choose one.

        Hopefully this doesn't confuse matters but getting airto the inside for me must help.

        Build Snooker Room - Here is a great example of a snooker room built in Canada. From the structure to the table, this is a great build.
        Snooker Crazy - Cues and Equipment Sales Website
        Snooker Crazy - Facebook Page
        Snooker Crazy - You Tube Channel


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          Thanks for that! Some hardcore shed building there, it looked VERY cold! Lol

          The air gap and air flow is the missing ingredient that I need to fix. How I do this without taking too many backward steps is all I’ve been thinking about over Christmas and new year... But I have a plan now so just need some more funds and some time on my hands so I can get to work!

          Hopefully looking to have it all up and running by Easter!!?!?